Monday, February 26, 2007

More on board of Ed "perks"

The cell phone photo is not the best, but my friend emailed me some images this morning... that's not a public road that snow plow is down... and that worker is in front of a Board of Ed house.


Structure1 said...

The street is Woodycrest and it is the chairman of the board toni Paine's street. IN all fairness to the chairman, I'm not sure that it is a private road. It has a street sign and is listed in most public docs as a street. On the other hand, if her driveway was being plowed that is a serious issue.

West Haven Tax Payer said...

Woody Crest is actually an association that owns the strip of land on the other side of the houses on the left hand side. It's my understanding that someone with pull managed to get the city to put up a sign. The driveway/alleyway is land deeded to individual Woody Crest property owners whose homes abut the driveway. People down the driveway have deeded 'right of ways' through the other property owner's portion of the driveway.